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Welcome to OCDbc.ca


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Welcome to OCDbc

We are a parent advocacy group whose mission is to bring awareness to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and to improve access to effective treatment for those affected by OCD.

We all share stories of our sons and daughters whose lives have been derailed by OCD. We have come together to support the work of the *OCD Program at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. We were fortunate to have our children treated at the clinic. The clinic's programs are successful in treating OCD and we as parents want to support its efforts and help expand its programs for the benefit of OCD families and OCD-affected youth in British Columbia and Canada.

The OCD clinic at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver opened in 2011 and is the first Pediatric OCD Research facility and clinic of its kind in Canada. Its mission is to:

  • Diagnose OCD and related disorders
  • Treat children, teens and young adults with OCD
  • Educate the public and professionals about OCD
  • Develop effective treatments for OCD through research
  • Support the family with OCD-affected children
  • To date the clinic has treated 120 children and teens with OCD since 2011 and would like to double the number of families it treats by 2014.

    Current Treatment Programs and Services for children and teens:

  • Psychology and Psychiatric Assessment – these assessments include diagnosis, treatment recommendations and follow-up
  • Family Meetings- the psychologist, psychiatrist and the social worker meet with the family to discuss findings and recommendations
  • Group Therapy- the clinic runs weekly group sessions for 12 weeks for patients who have been assessed by the clinic; these sessions occur three times per year- winter, summer and fall. These group sessions not only treat OCD-affected youth but provide education and support for the family
  • Intensive Outpatient day treatment for severe cases; these run three times per week for four weeks in July
  • The future goals of the clinic are:

  • to improve access to resources for those with OCD and their families
  • to expand current programs to increase patient intake
  • to offer booster sessions for those who have gone through the 12-week program and require regular follow-up and management
  • to offer intensive treatment for those with severe OCD all year-round
  • to help address the shortage of therapists who are properly trained in the treatment of OCD
  • train GPs to recognize symptoms of OCD and make the appropriate referrals
  • to continue to raise public awareness of OCD
  • to begin seeing young adults with OCD (19-24 years)
  • The OCD clinic is headed by Dr. Evelyn Stewart who along with her team delivers leading-edge therapies and research. Recruited from Harvard, Dr. Stewart hopes to establish a Centre of Excellence for the study and treatment of OCD in Canada. Currently severe cases in other provinces send patients to the United States. An established centre here in Vancouver would provide an "in Canada" option.

    As parents of children affected by OCD we are committed to helping the OCD Clinic realize its goals and ensure access to treatment for youth who suffer from OCD.

    * The Pediatric OCD Program is administered by BC Mental Health & Addiction Services, an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority.

    OCDbc is a parent advocacy group. We do not provide medical advice. If you believe your child has OCD or a mental health issue, please see a professional.

    For more information:

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    How to Get Help

    As parents of OCD-affected kids, we know how frustrating it can be to get your kids the help they need.

    The OCD program at BC Children's Hospital accepts referrals from your doctor or any mental health care professional including psychologists and psychiatrists. If you feel your child has OCD or a mental health issue, have her or him assessed by a mental health professional.

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    We are working in conjunction with the Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation and the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre, which have long standing working relationships with BC Children's Hospital and the infrastructure to help raise funds and supply resources for people who wish to learn more about OCD and perhaps seek help.

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